Lynda, Claire and Hanna

These three women working in science have dedicated their lives to making the discoveries that will stop breast cancer.

These three women are on a mission. They work together in the Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre at The Institute of Cancer Research, to discover how to stop breast cancer.

They won’t rest until they find out everything we need to know about breast cancer, so we can save the lives of the women we love.  But science isn’t straightforward. So when they don’t get the results they want, they never just give up and walk away. These are the ladies that roll up their lab coat sleeves and go again.

See what Lynda, Hanna and Claire had to say when we asked them about being Fashion Strong, research and breast cancer.

Q: What do you love about fashion?

Hanna: Fashion gives you the power to express who you are and feel great about yourself. The go-to item in my wardrobe has to be my leather jacket. I often wear it on my way into lab because when I put it on it sort of gets me ready to take on the world.

Q: Why should people support Fashion Targets Breast Cancer?

Lynda: Research is the only way we’ll be able to stop breast cancer. But we can’t do what we do without the amazing people who donate and raise money. 30% from every item in their Fashion Strong collection goes straight to Breast Cancer Now to help fund research and scientists like me.

Q: What’s your lab wardrobe?

Hanna: Quite often it has to be my favourite comfy jeans that, depending on my mood, I can either dress up or down depending on which top I choose to put with them! Normally it is also flat shoes as being in the lab involves a lot of being on your feet throughout the day.

Q: What does being Fashion Strong mean to you?

Claire: It’s about unity and coming together for a common goal. We’re part of Breast Cancer Now’s 400 researchers across the UK and Ireland, so I feel like we’re part of one huge team that’s supporting and helping each other make a life-saving difference to women.

Join the women coming together, through fashion, to stop breast cancer.

30% from the sale of every item in the Fashion Strong collection goes straight to Breast Cancer Now to find vital research.

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