Toral and Clover

Two women who have had their lives and bodies changed by breast cancer. Two women who are determined to stop it.

As soon as Toral and Clover heard the words “it’s breast cancer” their lives changed forever.

One minute Clover was giving her boyfriend a hug, the next she’d noticed a lump in her breast and was being told she had a highly aggressive type of breast cancer. From that moment, her career as a costume designer and her life came to a halt. 

For Toral, even studying to become an oncologist and supporting her mum through the disease, couldn’t prepare her for being diagnosed with breast cancer. At 29, her life fell apart.

To save their lives, both women had to face the heart-break of having one of their breasts removed. It was their families, their girlfriends and other women going through the same thing that pulled them through. 

Toral and Clover know how transforming uniting with other women and fashion can be – it made them feel feminine, confident and strong again, after breast cancer had stripped all that away.

Now they’re determined to stop breast cancer tearing apart the lives of other women, like it did to them.

Join the women coming together, through fashion, to stop breast cancer.

30% from the sale of every item in the Fashion Strong collection goes straight to Breast Cancer Now to find vital research.

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