Around 150 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every day in the UK.

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Dress in solidarity and help Breast Cancer Now make life-saving research happen.

I always encourage my girls to check their breasts regularly. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate; it’s not just about older ladies, as younger women can develop the disease too. Early detection is key.

- Mary, with her two daughters Ellie and Lauren

I was absolutely gutted to think my little girl was going to have such radical surgery and was going to have to live through it. I encouraged her to speak about how she was feeling, physically and mentally. For us, the more we spoke about breast cancer, the easier it was to get through it.

- Sue and her daughter Natalie

My changed body image was one of the hardest parts for me. Telling Sue, my best friend, was difficult but I knew that she was one of the safe people that I could rely on and I knew that she wouldn’t lumber me with her own emotions.

- Clover and her best friend Sue

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