In January 2012, Chantele, 48, from Kent, had her world turned upside down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It shook her family to the core. She was a keen runner, kept healthy and there was no family history of breast cancer. Why her?

She found it incredibly difficult telling her children about her diagnosis. But she thought it was vitally important to be open with them – or how could she expect them to be open with her? Chantele’s daughter, Lily, was only 10 years old at the time.

Lily, now aged 17:

“I remember being called downstairs with my brother and we all sat down, whilst my dad started explaining that mum had breast cancer. He made sure we understood what was going on, and what the next steps were. It was reassuring to know more about it and they were very open with us.”

In 2014, shortly after finishing treatment for her breast cancer, Chantele was devastated to learn that the disease had come back and had spread to her neck, chest and lungs. Sadly, when breast cancer spreads it becomes incurable. This is called secondary breast cancer.


“I just took things day by day, but having my family’s support through treatment made things a lot easier.”

Chantele currently takes Kadcyla, a combined targeted chemotherapy drug every three weeks. Kadcyla has fewer side effects than other treatment options, helping Chantele to live a stable and good quality of life. She still leads a very active life, and even ran her first marathon on the drug. She thinks that it works so well for her, her kids sometimes forget she’s sick at all!

Every day was made easier with the support of her family, especially her daughter Lily. She knows that with everything they’ve been through, they’ll be #BosomBuddies forever.

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