When Clover was told by doctors that the lump in her breast was benign, she hadn’t felt the relief that she was expecting. Despite receiving negative results to the biopsy, mammogram and ultrasound, Clover insisted on having the lump removed. For months, prior to finding the lump, she had a strong feeling that something wasn’t quite right with her chest, and became increasingly concerned that it was something serious.

It was this gut feeling that ultimately led to her insisting on a lumpectomy. When the results came back, it was revealed that the lump was triple negative breast cancer, a highly aggressive and hard to treat form of breast cancer, common in younger women.


“And with that, my life as I knew it went completely upside down and changed forever, it was devastating.

“My changed body image was one of the hardest parts for me. My reconstruction had failed and that was a particularly tough time. I found it hard to dress, I stopped going out, I was very depressed. On one hand the breast cancer had gone and my life had been saved but on the other hand, I didn’t feel good about how my body looked.

“Telling Sue, my best friend, was difficult but I knew that she was one of the safe people that I could rely on and I knew that she wouldn’t lumber me with her own emotions.

“On a practical level, Sue was able to just be present without being obtrusive whist my treatments were going on. When I was at appointments, feeling overwhelmed, she was a second set of ears in the room, listening. It’s things like that that are so invaluable at the time.”


“My job as a birth and post-natal doula means I’m used to supporting women, so I’m good at listening and cracking inappropriate jokes. And that’s what I did for her. We are really close – like sisters.”

Clover and Sue were already very close, but going through all of this together has made them true #BosomBuddies.

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