Supporters of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Sadie Frost and her best friend Rosemary Ferguson, Malaika Firth and her mum Jecinter Firth, Jodie Kidd and her sister Jemma Kidd... The faces of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer talk about why they support our #BosomBuddies campaign.

Model Jodie Kidd, said:

"Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is a force for good, bringing together the fashion industry to unite against breast cancer. Jemma and I have supported the campaign for a number of years, and we are really proud to be taking part in the BosomBuddies photoshoot together.

Jemma is my absolute rock, whenever we need each other, we are there. We have such a special, powerful bond, and I feel very lucky to always have her support."

Make-up artist Jemma Kidd, said:

"It is such an honour to be supporting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, to help raise awareness of the campaign and the really incredible research that Breast Cancer Now funds.

A really close friend of ours has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and so Jodie and I are taking part in the campaign for her, standing together in solidarity and support."

Model Malaika Firth, said:

"I am thrilled to be supporting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer for the first time this year. It is such an empowering campaign and shows the good that can happen when women come together in solidarity. It’s so much more than fashion, it’s fashion with a purpose and a mission to stop breast cancer, and I’m really proud to be a part of it.

Breast cancer is affecting my family right now, and so I know how important it is to come together and support each other during difficult and challenging times. Taking part in this BosomBuddies photoshoot, alongside my Mum has been really wonderful, we are best friends and she is always there for me."

Jecinter Firth, mum to model Malaika Firth, said:

"I am so pleased to be taking part in Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, alongside my daughter Malaika. Breast cancer is a cause very close to our hearts at the moment, and so it is an honour to stand in solidarity with those affected and support this very worthwhile campaign and charity."

Actress, Film Producer and Designer, Sadie Frost, said:

"I am delighted to be returning to support Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. A number of my close family have been affected by this devastating disease, and showing my support to them through this campaign, and raising awareness of the vital research Breast Cancer Now funds, is very important to me.

Taking part in the BosomBuddies shoot, alongside one of my best friends Rosemary has been really fun. So many of my memories include Rosemary, and we have supported each other through so much."

Nutritionist and model, Rosemary Ferguson, said:

"It is a real honour to be supporting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, and taking part in this BosomBuddies photoshoot alongside Sadie. Sadly, everybody knows someone who has been affected by the disease and the more support we can give to those affected, and to the cause, the better.

It is really amazing when women come together to support each other, there is so much strength in that. It’s so important for everyone to have someone by their side to depend on; Sadie is that for me, and I am so grateful."