Laura Jackson's style diary


Laura Jackson – TV Presenter and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Supporter

1. What does Fashion Strong mean to you?

Fashion is for all and everyone has their own style. So for me, Fashion Strong means feeling strong and confident in yourself, in your personality and in your own uniqueness.

Fashion really does have the power to unite and inspire and that’s what this year’s Fashion Strong campaign is all about; women coming together, empowered, supported and inspired by each other and by fashion.

2. What role does fashion play in your life?

I have always loved fashion, I like that fact that it’s an extension of my personality and that my outfit can change mood dependent! Fashion does play a big part in my life because I love it. For me it’s fun and I don’t take it too seriously. It’s something that unites me and my friends, as we love talking about clothes.

3. Which outfit or item in your wardrobe makes you feel ready to take on the world?

I have a hot pink, tailored jacket in my wardrobe that absolutely I love. I wear it to dress up a pair jeans, throw it over my shoulders with a great tailored shirt or wear it to help add some colour to a plainer outfit. It’s definitely a power jacket and makes me feel like I can do and achieve anything when I wear it!

Laura Jackson is supporting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Shop the collection online now – 30% of each sale goes straight to Breast Cancer Now.

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